Ready for a full time office away from home? Consider a space of your own in the company of friends.

Your business has grown and you may have considered renting an office of your own or shared office space in town. But that requires a security deposit and a lease - not to mention furnishing the office.  A sizeable investment. The result is a great office, but you are once again by yourself or perhaps one other in a shared space, looking at four walls. Choose to become a member of a community with your own dedicated desk, without the long term investment and commitment incurred when leasing your own space.  And enjoy a dedicated parking spot!


Ready for a budget friendly full time option? Consider a flex desk.

Our full time flex desk option allows you to come and go as you please, while always having the option to work at one of our community desk or table spaces.


Ready to get out of the house on a part time basis and enjoy the company of like-minded professionals? 

The Office Mill LLC offers several different plans - one of which will meet your needs.  Not only will you have an office away from home, but a community of people who will inspire you.  It's where you go to work, meet and learn. 


Our spaces.

The Lounge is a community minded space with comfortable seating and a shared table, coffee bar and refrigerator.

The Library is where you focus at one of ten desks or four shared table spaces in a quiet enviroment. Enjoy the bay window overlooking Main Street and the Red Mill & waterfall.

The Lab, our conference room where brainstorming is the norm, collaborations happen and businesses are launched. 

Work. Meet. Learn.